Cüneyt Şenyavaş


Born in 1978 in Bursa’s Mustafa Kemalpasa district, Senyavas spent his childhood with the passion of comics. This passion triggered his approach towards art which first started with caricatures, then illustration and finally watercolour paint in the recent periods.

Shortly after graduating from Graphic Arts Department of Fine Arts Education Department, Senyavas founded his advertising agency and has continued his professional career so far. He has also been among the founders of two different companies in different areas of design.

The artist who has concentrated on his studies on reviving the history of arts using various art disciplines recently continues his artistic productions as well as his professional productions.

Having started his watercolour studies in 2013, Şenyavaş has had the chance to paint with many important artists in this field and made watercolour paintings in various cities of Europe, creating a collection in the field of city paintings. The coincidental authenticity of watercolour and its close relationship with expressionism are important factors that strengthen the artist’s passion.

Senyavas is married and has a daughter.